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We provide complete building construction solutions and subdivisions service. We design, construct, and refurbish outstanding buildings. At Vasile-Build, we are involved in every phase of the project, from architectural design, planning approval, development and construction. We provide top-notch building maintenance, building extension, and building remodeling solutions. Our holistic approach makes us Australia’s top building construction company.


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Our strengths are attention to detail, applying the highest standards of building methodology to every project in which we are involved.  Our team members are selected by individual excellence in their respective areas of specialization, as well as collaborative compatibility. Whatever their expertise, we think it important that they share the awareness that a construction project is greater than the sum of its parts, and adds up to something much bigger.

Our Design and Construction team minimize the risks to personal safety inherent in the construction process, and through the synergy achieved by working as a quality team typically maximize value for money for our clients by reducing overall construction costs and ensuring projects are built on time.

Vasile-Build Group boasts of seasoned professional, highly trained personnel and avalanche of highly-sorted after builders and supervisors.





We take on residential construction work, from custom built home in Perth, new home construction projects, duplex, triplex to multi level residential, includes renovations and any subdivision, and any residential constructions. Memories start from within a home. It is our pleasure to create a breathtaking space in which those life moments come to life. Whether you are building a new home or considering a renovation or addition, choosing the right construction partner will make a huge difference. At Vasile-Build, we can handle every aspect of your entire building project. From design through construction. The majority of our residential building contracts are design & build projects. Our design-build process offers projects delivery that stays on track and schedule. We ensure high-quality results with emphasis on attention to detail, job site cleanliness, strict adherence to budgets and timelines, and close collaboration, so your project turns out exactly how you want it to be. Our Residential building construction services include but not limited to: New Building Construction Kitchen Remodeling Basement Finishing General Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Exterior Repairs & Remodeling Our residential building construction service focuses on integrity, reliability, and quality.


CREATE SPACE Working with our award winning builder and architectural designers to create a one off design to suit your lifestyle, land and budget, we build the home you want, not the home we think you should have. While giving you the quality you deserve, you have the liberty to pick everything you want in your home down to the details. The cost of your home is determined entirely on what you want to put in your home. We do our best to meet your budget while getting your most important features incorporated into your home. As we have many years of combined experience, we offer a complete planning and building process, from the planning/designing stages to finish out.


PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT As your construction partner, we serve as your real estate investment advisor through every stage of the building process. LEARN MORE Over the years we’ve developed everything from sub-divisions; Inspections, design, and build single storey home,  single office to business building, individual retail units to large shopping centers. We manage to schedule, estimating, budget control, value engineering, sub-contractor bid solicitation, on-site supervision, quality control, cost control, safety monitoring, total project management and a commitment to delivering expert approach and exceptional value. Our high-quality, sustainable developments bring benefits and value to the real estate investors. Our focus is always on decisive, speedy deal-making.


Office buildings, Retail stores, Restaurants, Warehouses and more, Vasile-Commercial Department can handle all your commercial construction needs. LEARN MORE We understand that every commercial construction project is unique and presents a distinct set of challenges. With knowledge and experience in the industry, our team understands and utilizes current building practices, code standards. Vasile team are experienced and equipped to deal that may arise during the commercial units construction process. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the industry with our experience to ensure efficient and quality completion of all projects. We are highly efficient and timely in our efforts to provide our clients with the best looking and safest building you could imagine.


Philip Chang CEO
25 September, 2006
From my initial meeting with VASILE build sales staff, to negotiations, contracts, structural design, interior design, construction, closing, and now follow-up work after moving in; my expectations have been exceeded. All of VASILE build staff have performed with great professionalism, knowledge, talent in their field, and respect towards me.  Needless to say I am very happy with my 14 unit projects, my organization, and my experience and have told many acquaintances of my positive experience and how happy I am [that I] selected VASILE build as my premium builder. Thank you and your staff for a job well done.
Westcrown Corporation PTY LTD
16 March, 2006
We first came across VASILE build (previously GV Constructions WA) in 2006, since then we have built 7 two storey’s Villas and 6 townhouses with them. We were so overwhelmed with the quality our first house and the efficiency of which it was built that we have decided to build another house with VASILE build , despite our building experiences with other companies which made us rethink building another project development. We had absolutely no worries or problems with VASILE build, they listened to us and were extremely help full with any queries we had. We are so ecstatic about the work that was done on our house that we highly recommend to anyone to build with VASILE build as we cannot fault them.
Edwin & Shella Souw
14 March, 2015
When it comes to building your home, there’s no better builder to place your trust and make your family dreams come true than the VASILE build crew. From the moment the first block was laid until handover our experience was stress free and seamless – nothing short of perfection. VASILE build not only deliver on time with a quality finish but display the utmost care and professionalism. They provide a level of personalized service that is second to none. We are delighted with our choice to build with VASILE build and love our Award winning home.
Joseph Tardjan
29 October, 2017
I would like to VASILE build again for the hard work you and your team have put into the successful completion of various residential building and constructions in City of Caning  . Your strong attention to keeping and improving the schedule is the major reason for the timeliness of completion. You have brought a great deal of experience that has been invaluable in a project of this size and is a key reason for its success. I am extremely proud of builder who make the City of Canning a better place to live and invest.  
Grace Tan Bee Choo
14 August, 2014
We recommend VASILE build as our builder because of the outstanding level of service. The Housing Consultant was very personable and committed to making the building process as easy as possible. VASILE build provided us with a variety of styles, colors and options that fell within our budget to help us design the home. The entire VASILE build team followed through with all of their commitments throughout the building process. Thank you, VASILE build, for building the home of our dreams!


Who will you trust to design and build your dream home
Who will you trust to design and build your dream home ? Did you know that resolving the disputes regarding design becomes difficult and costly once the structure has been erected ? This is why the client needs to kept in the loop during the design stage at all times. If you have a certain design style idea and wish to employ the services of an independent designer, the architects can get the house designed and you need to have a builder to builds the house as per this design. If this is the case, the cost of design is borne by you though he gets the copyright and can use the design to create another house in future. With Vasile-Build the award winning builder your design remain your design and no one else has access to it. From design to build Vasile's realizes that not every design is compatible with a given plot of land. If land has already been purchased, they advise the client on the selection of design. This is very important for the construction of the house as the size and dimensions of a plot often dictate the selection of design. We will show various designs we have in our portfolio and try to understand the kind of design the client wants. Together with essenziale and their designing expertise with our groundbreaking constructions technology to design a smart home in Perth. Once design has been completed, it is time to turn this design into reality. Want to build a house and design by Jac @Vasile-Build ? Feel free to get in touch with us for a further discussion. Visit us and get the assistance you need from the proven Perth home builder. Vasile-Build is not just another property developer that can tailor made clients needs but strive to give customers a higher standard of service and guidance that sets us apart from other builder. You can count on our experience, skills and competence to build a house that fulfills the client dreams. Call them today or when you're ready and let's get started on the home of your dreams...  
Astrid Vasile, WA Business Partner of the Year
Astrid Vasile, WA Business Partner of the Year When Astrid Saraswaty Vasile received her invitation to the HIA-NAB WA Housing Awards back in November 2009 husband Gino had a surprise for her…he’d nominated her for the WA Business Partner of the Year award. Her second surprise came on the day itself when her name was called out and she took to the stage to receive her award. “I felt very fortunate,” says Astrid. It’s good to be appreciated, and just being nominated by Gino felt like a payback for all the work we’ve put into the business. Then, when I won, well I really appreciated what he’d done.” So, what does it take to be an award winning Business Partner…we’ll let Gino’s awards entry submission speak for itself: “The first 12 months was used to learn about construction edures and set up account and filing systems for record keeping and taxation reporting. Within the next five years she expanded her knowledge in the industry by preparing all budgets for various projects on hand and setting goals for improving profitability, handling all GST returns on a quarterly basis without mistakes having been audited by the ATO on three occasions. In the last three years her ambitious nature took over and she enrolled at the TAFE to become a builder. Having subsequently passed all building supervisor courses her ambition was to become a full registered builder to allow her more site involvement and allow our company to build more developments without the need for more outside supervision. Astrid has extraordinary skills and passes any new and positive ideas to all within her environment at work even though they sometimes resent change but she does not take no for an answer. If she knows it is correct and a better way to do something she will pressure for change. Astrid has taken on board what she has learnt about safety practices through her studies and applies them to the business. She will not tolerate unsafe work sites. Astrid’s management of financial matters can never be questioned. She has a daily knowledge of the company position in relation to debtors creditors maintenance control and management of funds with limited flexibility. It has been a difficult but satisfying experience for her ”and she is always working on ways to improve and streamline the process.” A financial wizard, a gun accountant, a qualified building supervisor, and now holding a builder’s licence…what more could you ask for in a business partner. For Astrid Saraswati Vasile – 2009 WA Business Partner of the Year – though, Business Partner Network membership has all been part of the journey. “We’ve been members for the past eight years and it’s proved a valuable part of the business,” she says. “The information and services the HIA provides are really good, but the functions are really, really good to me. It’s great to be able to get together with other partners and discuss things with them…whether it’s business issues or personal. “The people are friendly, the events are great, and the information and networking opportunities that the BPN provides are really handy. “Being a business partner can be hard work, but to be recognised for my efforts with the award was really a thrill. My sincere gratitude to all of the HIA committee members, and others, who thought enough of me to recognise my efforts.”
Women A Target For Builders Registration
Attracting more women to become registered builders has been an exciting outcome of the Master Builders state-wide. While women traditionally played a supportive role to their male partners in building companies, the Next Step program has enabled more women to become registered builders in their own right. “There are only about 22 women who are registered builders in Western Australia out of a total pool of over 5,000, so there is plenty of room for improvement,” Mr Forster said. The Next Step Builder programme is a two hour course which explains the “rules of the game” to become a registered builder in Western Australia. It provides information on the various pathways to registration and advice on how to make an application. One-on-one assistance is also provided with preparation of an application to the Builders’ Registration Board. “Since the launch of the programme in 2007, around 1,000 people have attended the course. Around 200 people have achieved registration so far and another 250 are in the process of applying. It has been a great success,” Mr Forster said. “Master Builders is committed to the ongoing development of women in the building industry through its Women in Construction program”, Mr Forster added. “As the building industry recovers and skill shortages re-emerge, attracting more home grown builders including women to the industry rather than relying on overseas or interstate builders makes good sense,” Mr Forster concluded. Karen Brown, Registered Builder No 12852, achieved her registration in June 2009 after completing her Diploma of Builders Registration. She has experience in residential and commercial building. With previous roles as a project manager for Western Power and Hewlett Packard, Karen now plans to establish her own building company in Mt Lawley. Astrid Vasile, Registered Builder No 13046, achieved her registration in December 2009. She has a Master Degree in Business Administration and over 10 years experience in residential building in Western Australia and Indonesia.


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