Modern Low Rise Appartments in Canning

Location               : Wilson, WA, Australia

Typology              : Residential

Year                       : 2019

Floor Area           : 1,165.65 m²

Client                    : Ashridge Holdings Pty Ltd

Status                   : Idea

Role                       : Architectural Design


Introducing the Astana Griya (AG Residence):

The AG Residence is an exciting low-rise apartment project born out of the anticipation of upcoming zoning changes in Canning. The city plans to implement Zoning R80 in the Manning Road area, allowing for a dwelling unit per 120m² of the site area. In line with this vision, our proposition is to develop a thoughtfully designed building comprising eight apartment units, each spanning 120m², within a spacious 1,230 m² plot of land.

Embracing the architectural context of Manning Road, our design aims to strike a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and the existing beige brick façade that dominates the area. To achieve this, the primary material chosen for the building is beige-coloured brick, ensuring a seamless blend with the surrounding structures. Moreover, the incorporation of sandstone elements in a vertical and horizontal tapered plane not only adds visual interest but also functions as a clever sun-shading device during the summer months, while welcoming ample sunlight in the winter.

The AG Residence is meticulously planned as a compact three-story architectural marvel, strategically utilizing a shifting volumetric façade to maximize layout efficiency within the triangular plot. Despite accommodating the eight spacious 120 m² apartment units, our design goes beyond expectations by creating an impressive 4-meter setback—twice as large as the minimum requirement. This not only enhances privacy and spaciousness but also allows for the retention of the existing swimming pool, gracefully located at the eastern corner of the site.

At the AG Residence, we prioritize both aesthetics and functionality. Our commitment to exceptional design and efficient use of space ensures a comfortable and contemporary living experience for residents. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to zoning regulations, we strive to create an inviting community where modern living seamlessly integrates with the architectural heritage of the Manning Road area.

Discover the AG Residence—a testament to innovative design, and a commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that harmonize with their surroundings. Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities offered by these modern low-rise apartments in Canning.