Location               : Kalamunda, WA, Australia

Typology              : Residential

Year                       : 2019

Floor Area           : 777 m²

Client                    : Private Client

Status                   : Idea

Role                       : Architectural Design


As per the client’s request to bring in a tropical villa experience into the Western Australia subtropical climate, this house was designed with a lot of overhangs and full height openings to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. The structure was deliberately arranged with a configuration and orientation that would maximize natural daylight during the winter as well as solar shading during summer time.

In addition to accommodating a number of extra facilities including an entertainment level, workshop, and home office, this house also required a separate granny flat. This resulted in a site plan layout with a cascading inner-court in between the two buildings.

On the other hand, all of the main rooms, such as living room, game room and semi-outdoor dining area were placed perpendicular to the hill slope in order to optimize the natural air flow within the rooms during the hot season, while at the same time giving a 180-degree view of the nearby hill.