Location               : Roleystone, WA, Australia

Typology              : Residential

Year                       : 2023

Floor Area           : 126.20 m²

Client                    : Confidential

Status                   : In Progress

Role                       : Architectural Design, Interior Design


“Behind the T” is a custom house project located behind Araluen Golf Resort. The site is surrounded by the natural hillside beauty of Roleystone. The objective is to build this 126m2 house without removing any of the existing trees on the site.

The design is made through effective facility programming, resulting in a two-story house that has a luxurious living area on the upper level, directly facing the Araluen Golf Resort and the natural surroundings, with bedrooms on the ground level. This two-level building design also reduces the building footprint.

The building mass arrangement was done in consideration of the site topography, which slopes downward diagonally northeast of the site. The upper story of the house is also rotated in order to obtain a clear view of both the golf course and the hillside.

The building will be constructed with mainly intumescent coated steel and concrete in case of bushfires. Additionally, a retention pool and fire retardant plants are proposed for inclusion in the landscape to minimise any possible damage.