Who will you trust to design and build your dream home ?

Did you know that resolving the disputes regarding design becomes difficult and costly once the structure has been erected ? This is why the client needs to kept in the loop during the design stage at all times. If you have a certain design style idea and wish to employ the services of an independent designer, the architects can get the house designed and you need to have a builder to builds the house as per this design. If this is the case, the cost of design is borne by you though he gets the copyright and can use the design to create another house in future.

With Vasile-Build the award winning builder your design remain your design and no one else has access to it.

From design to build

Vasile’s realizes that not every design is compatible with a given plot of land. If land has already been purchased, they advise the client on the selection of design. This is very important for the construction of the house as the size and dimensions of a plot often dictate the selection of design. We will show various designs we have in our portfolio and try to understand the kind of design the client wants. Together with essenziale and their designing expertise with our groundbreaking constructions technology to design a smart home in Perth. Once design has been completed, it is time to turn this design into reality.

Want to build a house and design by Jac @Vasile-Build ?
Feel free to get in touch with us for a further discussion. Visit us and get the assistance you need from the proven Perth home builder. Vasile-Build is not just another property developer that can tailor made clients needs but strive to give customers a higher standard of service and guidance that sets us apart from other builder. You can count on our experience, skills and competence to build a house that fulfills the client dreams. Call them today or when you’re ready and let’s get started on the home of your dreams…