Gino is the Managing Director of Vazari Pty Ltd and Director for Ashridge Holding Pty Ltd. He has been working within the construction industry for the last 45 years throughout Australia including Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne and Cooma NSW.  Interestingly, he has also worked hard all his life as he has managed and installed façades to high-rises buildings, testing manufacturing and installing the various high profile buildings in Perth include Bank West Tower, Central Park, St Martin’s Tower Re-cladding, Exchange Plaza, QV1, and various other.

Gino provides a fantastic blueprint to follow. He is very successful entrepreneurs who still follow several of his principles and traits to this day. The first trait that is most important and unique is his incredible imagination. It’s one thing to envision your company growing, that company’s products and services will change the way people communicate, work and live their lives. He built his company under the assumption that VASILE‘s products and services would be one of the best builders in Western Australia.

Gino enjoys and takes pride in his work, especially when using innovative ideas for something different.  His acquirer knowledge helped him to obtain products from many suppliers throughout the country and internationally. And by using innovative and cost-effective designs, which usually required specification by the architects without or equal approved; he used to import material from the USA, South Africa, Europe, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.

He is extremely passionate and fearless when it came to growing the business. Over the years, Gino and his team have worked on a diverse range of projects from modern contemporary style homes, to customized and multi-dwelling premises.