If you are looking for a Perth new home builder, you need to choose one that listens and gives you what you want. The Vasile-Build Builder is just such a Perth new home builder. Over the past 20 years, the Vasile-Build has built hundreds of new homes. Including second and third homes for some of the same clients. Their clients come back again because they listen AND advise.

Their experience at building new homes in Perth can save you from costly design errors. You should consider their advice when designing your new home in Perth. As many people who are designing their first or second home consider design items that can hurt resale and property values.

For example, one new home designer who had a newborn baby designed a bedroom for the newborn. That could only be accessed by walking through the master bedroom. This was very handy when the baby was just born. However, very few people want a bedroom that requires access through the master and that design made the home very difficult to sell when the couple decided to move.

Choosing a Perth new home builder who listens like The Vasile-Build Builder. Who also has built hundreds of homes gives you the benefit of their experience. Which includes the design ideas of hundreds of families like your who built homes with outstanding features.

Best of all, this experienced builder can advise you on the smart home features today’s buyers are looking for and share their research on what is popular today and what will be popular in 10 or 20 years in new homes.

Designing and building your new home is a big decision. Get the assistance you need from the proven Perth new home builder at Vasile Build Builder. Call them today at 0418886742 and let’s get started on the home of your dreams.

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