Buying a home is a dream cherished by every individual in Australia. Congratulations to you if you have decided to build a custom home that reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle. You would need help and support of a registered builder to realize your dream if you are living in Western Australia. You do not want to be running from one source to another to fulfill your requirements when undertaking this massive exercise that involves a huge amount of money.

Vasile Build is a Registered Building Company in Perth that has carved a niche for itself as a high quality and most reliable designer and builder. The company has helped dozens of its clients in realizing their dream of building a beautiful house. From advising the client in selecting the right site to designing a house with the features and amenities that the client requires, Vasile utilizes its skills and experience to make it a smooth and hassle-free journey for the client. As a registered building company, they make sure that its customers have full confidence and trust in the structure and the services they are receiving.

Design services provided by the company

Designers at Vasile Build understand that the house a client wants is his biggest investment. They show various designs they have in their portfolio and try to understand the kind of design the client wants. They incorporate his inputs in the final design that is prepared and also approved by the client. Resolving the disputes regarding design becomes difficult and costly once the structure comes up. This is why the client is kept in the loop during the design stage at all times. If the client has a certain design idea or he wishes to employ the services of an independent designer, he can get the house designed and the company builds the house as per this design. If this is the case, the cost of design is borne by the customer though he gets the copyright and can use the design to create another house in future.

Vasile Build realizes that not every design is compatible with a given plot of land.  If land has already been purchased, the company advises the client on the selection of design. This is very important for the construction of the house as the size and dimensions of a plot often dictate the selection of design.


From design to build

Once design has been completed, it is time to turn this design on paper into a reality. Vasile Build is a one stop shop for procuring the building materials and then deploying the professionals to build the house with exactly the same features that are there in the design. The company has the skills, the ware withal, and the experience to build a house that fulfills all the requirements of the client. Build quality provided by the company is strong and very long lasting. All the features inside and outside the house are not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional.