Location               : Sleman, Central Java, Indonesia

Typology              : Civic

Year                       : Competition 2018

                                  Construction 2019-2021

Floor Area           : 1,862.58 m²

Client                    : Sleman Regency Government

Status                   : Competition – 1st Prize Winner

                                 Construction – Completed

Role                       : Architectural Design, Supervision


The characteristics of good governance that people want today include transparency in government, an attitude of relating to the people, willingness to act as a public servant, always prioritizing the needs of the people. To actualize this kind of public service, government needs a building designed to display open visibility, allowing government officials to see from the inside to the outside, and for the visiting public to see from outside to the inside, thus creating direct interaction between government staff and members of the community.

The new Sleman Regional Secretariat Office has been designed to represent just such transparency in government. This is made evident by the use of transparent walls along with a see-through open building space, which is accessible by community members. The open building space, or plaza area, is also designed to accommodate local community activities. The aim of the building is to bring local government officials closer to the people. Through the design of an office building that emphasizes transparent government work ethics, the public will be able to see local government “servant” officials holding meetings and making decisions. Conversely, government members will be able to see directly into the hearts and lives of the community members they serve.